I'm a UKCP Clinical Psychotherapist who is passionate about positive movements in mental health. 

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It's my mission to demystify mental health approaches and to teach everyone I can effective ways of understanding themselves and connecting authentically with others.


I speak and run workshops on many areas of mental health however my current interests are in self harm and suicide prevention, upskilling communities to support those of us who are more vulnerable and working with schools to create front line pastoral teams that can provide a first line mental health intervention service.

I write features for print on mental  health topics and am the resident Psychotherapist for Aspire magazine.


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I'm a friendly, experienced psychotherapist working with children, adults and families, face to face in York and internationally online.

It might be that you are taking your first steps towards finding a therapist, it might be that you have tried a number of approaches and are looking for a different experience. Its so vital to find the right person to meet your needs, it's the relationship that carries the work, without it we can't move forwards. 

Im a hopeful therapist, not because I am naive but because I know that change is possible across the majority of conditions and thought processes. I am an Integrative Psychotherapist which means I have a wide training across all the major mental health disciplines.

I can support you online, face to face and via telephone sessions. I also offer a range of support packages for those who need some extra contact during difficult times.


Mental Health-Lets talk about it.


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