A new way of working therapeutically

Being Well Courses

Often the biggest shifts in therapy come from understanding yourself through the lens of psychological theory. These 6 week courses offer you the opportunity to understand, develop and heal.

Online Course

Welcome to our Well Being Courses! 

There are two course options and within each of these, there is the possibility of having an individual course or joining a supportive safe group.

Our selection of online courses gives you a refreshing, different yet effective approach to good mental health and well-being. Throughout the course of my work as a psychotherapist, I know that some of the most pivotal moments for clients are those times when they begin to understand the mechanisms behind their thoughts and feelings. This shift in understanding creates a deep awareness and leads to powerful change. 

Our courses do just that, they teach you the theory and support you in applying it to yourself, using it as a lens to understand and change behaviours, thoughts and feelings. The courses are an area of work I am excited and passionate about.

I wanted to thank you for the course, I haven’t felt this good in a long time, I feel like I'm getting back to my old self. I can see a future, I’m not 100% but I'm almost there.
Online Course Participant

The Being Well Course

An affordable, alternative to therapy packed full with assessments, theoretical sharing and intervention strategies.

A Self discovery experience leading to meaningful change.

You will receive 6 weekly trainings, work books and intervention strategies to achieve your set goals.

You can opt to take part in live sessions and join a supportive safe group following a similar pathway.

Yes, if you are wanting to gain insight, clarity and mastery over areas of your mental health.

Yes, if you are curious to understand your processes and drives better.

Yes, if you have mild to moderate mental health issues.


The 360° Support Course

A fully integrated approach to mental health 8 weekly psychotherapy sessions combined with training, work books , readings, nutritional assessments and body work prescriptions.

You will receive 8 weeks of integrative psychotherapy, email coaching, a nutritional assessment and plan, a body work assessment and schedule

You will receive 8 weekly trainings, work books and intervention strategies to achieve your set goals

You can opt to take part in live sessions and join a supportive safe group following a similar pathway.

Yes, if you are wanting to make significant shifts in your mental and emotional health



Online Course

Feel Safer

Understand how your early years and formative experiences contributed to your current psychological processes

Find new ways of meeting early unmet needs, understand how to listen, soothe and calm your inner self.

Online Course

Feel Empowered

Gain insight and begin to develop mastery over unwanted thoughts and overwhelming feelings.

Understand how your ego states work together to create repeating patterns of discord and develop techniques to create shifts in your wellbeing.

Online Course

Feel Understood

Reparent yourself and take charge of your own mental health

Experience a deeper understanding of both your inner experience and how you relate to others.

Online Course

Feel Supported

Know that you have someone sharing their expertise and care with you

Connect with yourself, with your needs, your strengths and vulnerabilities. Connect with the group in a safe, online setting or reach out and get your needs met via our email support system.

About Your Tutor

Kirsten Antoncich

This is the space where you might expect me to outline my professional qualifications and experience ( you can find those in the resume section). Instead, it feels important to name the anxiety that people can feel when they first consider approaching a therapist for support. It can feel daunting, hard to navigate the different types of therapy, the different styles of therapist that are out there. Whoever you choose to work with, the evidence shows that it is the relationship and the feeling you have towards your therapist that leads change.

I came to this role because I believe we are a combination of our upbringing, our social relationships and our environments, because of this, I also believe that everyone has the innate capacity to move on from their difficulties and find a new more positive way of being. If you feel anxious about seeking support, remember that we are human, non judgemental, we on the whole love working with our clients and that ultimately we chose to do this job because we care and believe that people can move on from difficult times. If you want to see if we could work together – apply now and once you’ve filled out just a few questions I will get in touch to talk about next steps and answer any questions you might have.

"It's time to feel safer, time to feel understood, time to get better"

Kerstin Antoncich