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Online Therapy

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I’m so grateful for the care you took of me, the times you went above and beyond, the skills you taught me and the understanding I now have.

I love the freedom, security and safety online therapy brings to my clients. Using secure and trusted software you can rest assured that the privacy and confidentiality of our sessions together are protected. There are many different types of therapies available , sometimes it can feel hard navigating your way through and finding something that feels like a good fit for you. I’m an Integrative practitioner – that means that I take the best, most evidenced tools from a range of therapies:

I work with Adults on a wide range of issues, I also trained as a specialist in Child mental health, meaning I can often support families whose children are experiencing difficult times. 

Past clients have described me as “warm, friendly and knowledgeable” and I think this is an accurate description of how I am in my work. I believe the relationship is paramount- the most important force behind change. I hold an enhanced disclosure and barring certificate, I am fully insured and I receive regular supervision. I have worked with literally hundreds of clients, all have been unique and have required tailored approaches. All the work I have done to date has been helping people manage thoughts, feelings and actions that have become overwhelming or distressing and are impacting their life. 

Integrative Psychotherapy

This list isn’t exhaustive as it would be difficult to list all the individual areas I have worked with. If you would like to speak about a specific issue and to see if counselling could help you with it- please do get in touch.

About Your Therapist

Kirsten Antoncich

This is the space where you might expect me to outline my professional qualifications and experience ( you can find those in the resume section). Instead, it feels important to name the anxiety that people can feel when they first consider approaching a therapist for support. It can feel daunting, hard to navigate the different types of therapy, the different styles of therapist that are out there. Whoever you choose to work with, the evidence shows that it is the relationship and the feeling you have towards your therapist that leads change.

I came to this role because I believe we are a combination of our upbringing, our social relationships and our environments, because of this, I also believe that everyone has the innate capacity to move on from their difficulties and find a new more positive way of being. If you feel anxious about seeking support, remember that we are human, non judgemental, we on the whole love working with our clients and that ultimately we chose to do this job because we care and believe that people can move on from difficult times. If you want to see if we could work together – apply now and once you’ve filled out just a few questions I will get in touch to talk about next steps and answer any questions you might have.

"It's time to feel better and have the outcome that you've always wanted."

Kerstin Antoncich