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I qualified in psychology in 2001, I firmly believe I was too young to really connect with much of the teaching material and I moved into management of heritage estates and leisure portfolios. I felt unfulfilled through much of this and in 2006 returned to my North Yorkshire roots to teach young people with complex behavioural and mental health needs.

This work captured me - the stories and the difficulties most of the young people had/were facing and their battle to receive any consistent mental health support brought my previous training in Psychology to life.

I undertook a 7 year Msc at the Northern guild in Newcastle, initially specialising in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy but later generalising into adult and family mental health as well.

Over my years working in mental health I have run provision services, worked in the NHS, Charity, Academies and the private sector. I have worked with local authorities supporting risk management plans and writing guidance for localities on self harm and suicide. In 2016 I trained in new neurological treatment approaches including QEEG and am excited about the possibilities technology can bring to mental health.

I am passionate about research - it tethers us to effectiveness. My research areas have been varied -everything from creativity in the therapy room, sub categories of self harm though to encopresis psychological treatment models.


My current research is in suicide and community support and in early intervention in education. 


BSc Psychology 

Dip Psychotherapapeutic counselling

Dip Integrative Psychotherapy 

Dip Integrative Psychotherapy Child and Adolescent 

MSc Integrative Psychotherapy 

Dip QEEG Neurofeedback

PGCE Psychology

Clinical Areas

Personality Disorders

OCD incl Harm OCD






Self harm

Suicide Ideation

Self esteem

Emotional Dysregulation

Relationship issues

The above areas are examples of areas I work with, please do contact me for more information as the lost is not exhaustive.

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